Devtendo is perfect for:

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VP Engineering

You own the productivity goals of your team.

Use Devtendo to reduce repetitive questions, create a culture of content creation and documentation as part of the release process, prevent knowledge from locked up in silos and allow people to use self-discovery for finding quick video answers. Enable asynchronous communication to scale and manage distributed teams.

Some good examples of asynchronous communication: Emails or Slack posts with small video clips to capture the issue discussed, Internal wiki pages or asana tasks with meeting notes and key project decisions, documentation, and training collateral for every new release full of videos and visuals, bug reports with screen recording clips, messaging preferred over phone calls for small tasks, video library for new hires, and most importantly, respect for interruption-free work slots for employees in the "builder" role. 


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Be detail-oriented. How you communicate with the rest of the team drives the engineering culture of your company.

Be 10x. Value your time.

Meeting and Video calls are great for tasks that require instant decisions. However, most meetings in large companies can be replaced by effective documentation, well-written emails or small visual clips. 

Asynchronous communication is how modern distributed teams build, test and support software.

A compass tells you which direction is east or west, but not which direction to travel. Similarly, asking others to report issues is not sufficient, showing them how it's done with screen capture(s) and detailed information will earn you respect. 

A 10x developer is an individual who is thought to be as productive as 10 others in his or her field. The 10x developer would produce 10 times the outcomes of other colleagues, in engineering or software design. You can't be 10x, unless you foster a culture of accountability and teach others about effective communication.

Do not accept a new JIRA issue without a screen capture video clip. Ask QA to report all UI problems with a clear description of the issue, all the machine details, logs, and a video clip before spending any time on it.

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Product Manager

You drive the product.

Every feature request, every new task, every issue reported by the customer needs to be well documented. A picture is worth a thousand words. In our humble opinion, a video clip is worth ten-thousand words!

You do not send a one-liner email to report product problems. You create a video clip and highlight the exact issue with all the details to avoid back and forth with the engineering team. Async communication is necessary for modern distributed teams. It focuses on making sure that a collaborative task is executed without a lot of meetings. It's important to have deeper, structured communication with the technical team instead of ad-hoc comments on every random topic.


Good product managers define their job and their success. Bad product managers constantly want to be told what to do.

Drop the screen clips to your favorite collaboration or project management tool. Collaborate better on Atlassian JIRA, Dropbox, Github, Slack, and Google Docs. Drop clips to Asana tasks or Trello cards. 


QA Engineer

Your job is to champion high-quality software.

Conscientious QA engineers do not promote ambiguity. They capture bugs with clear descriptions and help the developer understand how the defect can be reproduced in the product.

Be 10x. Value your time. Automate screen capture for every UI driven test. Upload all the logs, machine details, browser details, video clips, etc. when you file a new bug. Do not wait for the developer to request specific details.

A good QA team works with a lot of different environments, development stages, and types of testing. On any given day, testers can switch back and forth between multiple priorities. The trick is managing time well and supporting development and business teams with what they need. Spending more time on testing and less time on writing bug reports and going back and forth with the developers should be the mantra. 



You put your heart and soul to build pixel-perfect designs. During implementation, your designs don't translate to perfect sites. Things don't look great on every platform and browser. Transitions are not elegant.  What can you do?


"Show, don't write long emails."

Convey your feedback by sharing a quick screen capture clip using Devtendo. Talk using videos and screenshots.


Work smarter.

Work communication with videos is not only time effective. It also builds collateral for training future employees. With remote employees and time zone differences, it's difficult to get everyone on frequent conference calls. Asynchronous feedback workflow with tight deadlines is how modern teams make progress.

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Customer Success

Share what you see on the customer screen with the rest of the team. Don't fall into the "lost in translation" trap.

Your job is to represent the customer and communicating the detailed customer issue to the engineering team. Don't take shortcuts. 

Post video clips on Zendesk and JIRA Service Desk to save time.

How do you explain a complex topic to the customer? Write a long email or send a quick video? Walking the customer through the information in a visual way is way more effective than writing a long email on the subject. Most customers appreciate shorter emails with video links.

Quick videos help replace the daunting task of taking multiple screenshots and capturing detailed instructions when reporting bugs to the development team.


Power Users

Devtendo is a power tool. If you want to share something important in a video format, don't waste more than 30 secs to publish it. 


Work Smarter.

Collaborate on tools like Atlassian JIRA, Slack, Trello, Dropbox, Confluence, Asana, inVision, Monday.com, Zendesk, Google Docs, Box, Notion and Microsoft Teams with quick technical videos.