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Video-first Knowledge Base

Updated: 4 days ago

When was the last time you searched for a "How-to Article" and went directly to a video instead of reading a text-heavy page? I have assembled a lot of toys for my young son in the last few years and I can vouch for the effectiveness of videos when a task requires more than 5 distinct assembly steps. The instructions page that comes with every toy box is never helpful IMHO.

Similarly, when you are working in a software company and you need some help on how-to-do-X, traditional documentation pages are a nightmare to follow. Why is that?

We spent a considerable time on the above question, meeting 10's of customers, and our research found out the top reasons:

Introducing Devtendo Video Pages

Imagine using templates to create delightful video pages. "How-to-do-x" page with 3 videos and some text can be created in a few minutes. We are excited that our upcoming release will introduce new features to create delightful video pages. Imagine beautiful templates for meeting notes, retrospectives, feature-overview, architecture-deep-dive, how-to-do-x, customer-support-issue, JIRA-Issue-video-template, etc. We will keep you posted on the progress at our end.

An important step for remote-first companies is to make meetings optional, and focus more on asynchronous communication between employees. This requires recording and documenting everything, diligently picking the right tools and promoting a culture of "educate others".

Stay safe and enjoy the remote-first transition for software companies!