• Devtendo Team

7 quick use-cases of Devtendo

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Devtendo is a platform that enables easy knowledge capture through videos and breaks the inherently broken "bring people up to speed" problem using yet-another-meeting solution.

Our users include software developers, product managers, QA engineers, executives, designers, startup founders, support engineers, students, teachers, and great people from all walks of life!

Here are some of our favorite use-cases.

1. Executive Communication

Send weekly updates to the team. Send them quick (video) updates on how the company is doing. How was the customer trip? How is the quarter looking? Are we going to meet our OKRs? Record your all-hands and make it available for remote users.

Send a message to the sales team in a remote location for closing an important deal. Welcome a new hire with a personalized video message!

Always share bad news in person. Good news can be shared over small videos!

Motivate the team with frequent company updates

2. Explain features and capture product tutorials

#1 for every software team is producing good software. No discussion required.

However, most teams don't understand that good software also means clear, concise and delightful documentation. New features need explanation and text-heavy docs are not always desirable.

A training video to explain how the feature works can be shared with the internal team right after feature-complete during the development cycle. Product demo videos are super helpful for customers and can be published once the feature is shipped. A lot of back and forth emails and meetings are required for knowledge transfer and troubleshooting if the feature or product documentation is lacking clarity. Quick video generation and publishing will transform how your engineering teams communicate with the rest of the organization IOHO. Customer on-boarding videos are a must-have for every progressive software company.

Next time you ship a new feature -- Try visual communication!

Product and New Feature Videos

3. Improve the quality of your product with better bug reports

My biggest pet peeve at work is incoherent bug reports. The balance between developing new features and supporting shipped features is disturbed every time a critical bug is reported with incomplete information. Most companies don't have stringent policies on bug reporting. With distributed and modern offshore teams, the information required by the developer to root cause the reported bug may not be available for another 12 hours, so the developer will make assumptions and go on with his business, wasting precious company time.

What if a screenshot or a video of every "critical" bug is mandatory?

What are the steps required to reproduce the problem?

Every test machine should have a script to capture all the environmental details and logs before the bug is submitted. Just like the focus on business culture, engineering culture is developed by actions and not by guidelines parked on a wiki page. Just look at a bug report filed by your Team Lead/Architect or VP Engineering to gauge your company's engineering culture.

Reporting bugs on kernel.org

4. Improve company knowledge base

If you are executing well, your team will grow quickly and new hires will need the information to get started. Do you have an internal knowledge base to answer 80% of the questions expected by a new hire? Documenting workflows and key training videos is as important as providing nice and shiny gear to your new hire.

Our customers typically record all online meetings (zoom, teams, webex, ..) and upload the video to Devtendo so that anyone in the team can access previous recordings.

If you are a tech lead, teacher or someone who regularly spends time training others, there is nothing better than sending a link of already recorded video!

Build a self-service library of training videos

5. Communicate faster with your team. Avoid meetings for every discussion

This one is simple. Just observe your calendar for the past few weeks and look at the number of meetings that could have been simple video updates and asynchronous email conversations. You want people to get better at working independently without interrupting others for every small problem. If your team is taking longer to ship features, one common issue is that folks are spending more time in meetings, and new employees are not productive even after months of hiring. The total time spent to make an employee productive is indirectly proportional to the quality of training material and documentation produced by the internal teams.

Don't encourage meetings for every discussion

6. Improve customer success and support functions

How do you capture the issue reported by a customer? Is it always possible to understand what the customer reported using a small text email? Our customers make screen capture process an integral part of the workflow so that all the information can be captured in one call before the issue is escalated to the engineering team.

Remember that asking the customer to try out 10 different things when he files a bug is not going to result in a long-term happy customer. Disciplined customer success and support functions are a must have for modern software companies!

Customer success increases your brand loyalty

7. Improve employee morale

Record every important meeting and design review conducted by your team. Make it easy for anyone to watch recorded meetings.

How many times have you got into a discussion where someone forgot what was concluded in a previous design review meeting? Devtendo enables creation of video pages so that your team can capture meeting notes, key decisions and retrospectives to add accountability as a key vector in your organization.

Engineers like accountability