Frequently Asked Questions

What quality of screen and video capture is supported by Devtendo?

1080p is the default.

Where can I store the video clips?

All videos are automatically uploaded to the Devtendo Cloud for easy sharing and collaboration.

What about privacy and security?

At Devtendo, your privacy is very important to us. Security comes first in everything we do. Security features are built into all the layers of our product, and infrastructure to keep your data protected at rest. TLS 1.2 is used for all the communication between the client and our cloud APIs. TLS is a security protocol designed to guarantee privacy and data integrity when two web-based end points send and receive information using encryption and endpoint identity verification. The video data is stored on Google Cloud Platform and is protected with strong security controls. Devtendo also supports "Sign in with Apple" You can anonymize your email address and hide personal info by leveraging our support for Sign In with Apple.

I need help with a product feature. What should I do?

Please contact us: support AT

Which platforms are supported?

Mac OS and iOS. Only Apple users pay for productivity tools!

Why are so many permissions required?

Devtendo native client supports screen capture, webcam and microphone recording for creating video content. These permissions are usually granted using OS specific APIs. Most platforms ask the user to grant permission explicitely to prevent abuse.

Do you have a product comparison matrix? You don't have feature-x which another product offers.

"The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction" -John Maeda Devtendo is designed for remote teams. The idea is to focus on specific use-cases. We are not a "kitchen sink" product with 100's of features.

What are the steps to record a zoom meeting?

You can record any online meeting or webinar by turning on screen recording and microphone. After the meeting, export the video and a copy of the meeting will be saved in your personal video library. Note: There is a known issue with Airpods audio recording. Use system speaker and microphone if you want to record the meeting for now.

What about pricing?

Devtendo offers a free trial for 2 weeks. You can use the Devtendo trial version with all the features for 2 weeks and decide if you want to upgrade to the Pro version. Devtendo Pro subscription starts at $19.99/year.