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for Elite Software Professionals. 

Time is our most valuable asset. Devtendo helps teams save precious time to build, test and support better software. Devtendo enables quick sharing of screen or screen+camera recordings. Modern teams use videos for communication to improve software engineering processes. 

The "why" of devtendo

"Can you please share the exact steps to reproduce the problem? I don't see it on my machine" 

"Can you please explain how to use the new feature? The documentation is not clear"

"Can you please jump on a call to understand the customer escalation. Please document all the details before you open a ticket"

"Can you please send a quick summary report of the important meeting?"

"Can you upload the screen clip for every failed test case during the nightly automation run?"

Devtendo is the answer to the above questions that professionals face in every software company. Use videos ​to answer common and repetitive questions.

Devtendo is for professionals who care about time efficiency but need help in avoiding duplicate or redundant work.​ Time is a zero-sum game. Every minute wasted in a useless meeting eats into time that's required for individual work. Avoid meetings by leveraging visual communication and improving your company's internal video library. Marketing team has been generating videos for external consumption for years. It's time for internal engineering and product teams to do the same. 

Less meetings, more visual communication should be the mantra.

Our technology leverages modern GPUs and adaptive encoding algorithms to make the screen capture process invisible. You can create and share videos instantly with Devtendo.

It's a super power for productive employees. Try it! 

Get better work done


30% of software bugs are not reported during development because it takes a lot of time to write good bug reports. 

If product quality is important to your company, there is nothing more precise than a screen capture clip to report a bug.

Create new feature videos in less than 10 minutes. No video editing skills required. 



Small videos can convey a quick story. How do you explain something without attending a meeting?

Being able to share video clips of customer escalations, new hire machine setup steps, sales training presentations, How-to-articles, design issues, product requests, etc. has saved our customers a ton of meetings. 


How was the customer visit? Where did you spend most of the time during the demo? What did not work during the demo? What did you learn from the webinar?

Imagine how effective your summary reports will become when you have tools to replay the screen activity and create small summary video clips with a few clicks.



Do teammates often duplicate each other’s efforts in your company?

Great news: with always-on screen history feature, you will never duplicate work.

Increasing your productivity is not rocket science. It essentially requires you to be more deliberate about how you manage your time. 

Devtendo screen and video recording is a power tool for every software professional. 

The experience you deserve

Power tool for team collaboration.

Post screen clips and videos to Dropbox, Atlassian JIRA, Trello, Github, GitLab, Slack, Asana, Microsoft Stream or Teams, Zendesk, Notion, Google Docs, inVision, or your favorite collaboration tool.

Capture your face, voice, and screen for creating technical videos. Send emails with video links to report bugs and customer issues.

Asynchronous Communication

is how modern teams build, test and support software. Improve software engineering processes with visuals.

Use screen history feature to review and replay screen recording and never miss that nasty, hard to reproduce bug. Save hundreds of hours every year and ship better software. No need to duplicate work or reproduce issues again. Asynchronous collaboration at workplace = Happier and Productive Employees!

Secure at all the layers. Use "Sign In with Apple" for extra privacy. You own all the data and control the publishing. The software works even if you are completely offline. ​ Write shorter emails by using screen clips to explain important topics. Improve productivity and save time.

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